Fizzix™ Corner and Junction

Modular Corners and Junction for Fizzix

Boasting fully illuminated corners and couplers, Fizzix™ offers seamless pixel-free illumination combined with integral snap-together connectivity. Fizzix is affordable and simple to install, requiring no field modifications. A signature feature of Fizzix is the ability to change the lighting plane within the same run. In addition to creative shapes and direct-view lighting applications, Fizzix is fantastic for linear installations such as displays, coves, undercabinet, and toe-kick lighting.

  • Direct View Without Diode Imaging
  • Illuminated Modular Corners and Connections
  • Magnetic or Fixed Mounting
  • For Use with 24V Power Supplies
  • Dimmable
  • Antimicrobial Finish Available
Fizzix Family Flat Lay HERO 1500x1500 1
Fizzix Family Flat Lay HERO 1500x1500 1
Corner product 450x610
Inside corner product 450x610
Outside corner product 450x610
T split product 450x610 1
Cross split product 450x610


Spec Sheet

Spec Sheet

Installation Instructions

Technical Specifications

Color/Temperature 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
Dimming Protocol PWM, Triac, 0-10V, DMX 512
Finish Silver, Silver Antimicrobial
Input Voltage 24V DC
Lumens per watt 70 lm/W
Beam Angle 120°
Max Run Length 16.4ft
CRI 90+
Operating Temp. -4°F (-20°C) to 113°F (45°C)
Standard Corner Inside Corner Outside Corner T Connector Cross Connector
Wattage 2.22W 2.22W 2.22W 3.55W 4.44W
Lumens 155 lm 155 lm 155 lm 260 lm 310 lm
Dimensions 3.58" × 3.35" × 0.46" (91mm × 85mm × 11.8mm) 3.86" × 3.74" × 0.46" (98mm × 95mm × 11.8mm) 3.86" × 3.74" × 0.46" (98mm × 95mm × 11.8mm) 7.09" × 3.62" × 0.46" (180mm × 92mm × 11.8mm) 7.09" × 6.85" × 0.46" (180mm × 174mm × 11.8mm)

Standards and Certifications

Mounting Options

Flat Mounting Clip

Fxz fmc 450x325

Included. Mounts flat.

Unit Number

Angled Mounting Clip

Fxz amc 450x325

Mounts at a 45° angle.

Unit Number

Magnetic Mounts

Fxz mm 450x325

3M adhesive magnets.

Unit Number


Fizzix HERO Knolled 1500x1500 1


Modular Linear LED Lighting System

End Caps

Fxz ec 450x325

Included. Covers Terminals.

Unit Number

Power & Connect Options

Hardwire Power Feed

Fxz hw 450x325

Connects Fizzix to power supply.

Unit Number

Cord Coupler

Fxz cc 450x325

Connects Fizzix.

Unit Number

Compatible Power Supplies

Compatible Controls & Dimmers

Compatible Accessories

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