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Our Applications Engineering team’s unparalleled fusion of creative and technical expertise empowers us to deliver innovative lighting services that fulfill both your visual preferences and operational needs.
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Your Ideas Become a Reality with Our
Programming & Commissioning Services

Our engineers specialize in dynamic and color-changing solutions, including architainment lighting. When you collaborate with us, you unlock the potential for immersive and intricate lighting designs that elevate both your visual experiences and artistic expressions.

Project: HL Stearns

Project: Diebold Nixdorf

Controls Specification & Design Consultation

Collaborating alongside architects, designers, specifiers, and entire teams to build comprehensive DMX control systems tailored to project specifications.

Custom Media and Show Creation

Personalizing media, scenes, and shows that align with your distinct vision. Utilizing programs such as Unreal Engine, we create real time 3D pre-visualization samples so you can actively preview and refine lighting concepts before implementation.

Integration Support

Effectively integrating our DMX system into your active building infrastructure to enhance the efficiency and functionality of your overall system.

Detailed Documentation and Diagrams

Producing comprehensive documentation to guide a smooth installation. AutoCAD takeoffs, detailed wiring plans, thorough shop drawings and installation specifications are all available upon request.

Factory Pre-programming and Testing

Performing pre-configuration and thorough product testing prior to shipment to enhance accuracy and save time.

Troubleshooting and End-User Training

On-site or remote assistance with installation configuration, system verification and optimization, troubleshooting, and end-user training.

Bring your vision to life

Programming Services Packet

Programming and Commissioning Services Packet

Tailored Design Services for Your Specific Needs

Even if your project doesn't require programming and commissioning, you can leverage the diverse skill sets of our team to enhance your project. As a top LED lighting manufacturer, our team possesses a wide range of skills, including design and art, 3D modeling and rendering, as well as motion graphics and video editing, to offer adaptable design services in standalone packages that can be customized to meet your specific requirements. These lighting services are accessible during the design and quotation stage.

  • Artistic Renderings
  • Lighting Calculations
  • Wiring Details
  • One Lines/Line Drawings
  • AutoCAD Takeoffs
  • Shop Drawings
  • Elevation Drawings
  • Installation Details

Discover Why Our Clients Choose the Kelvix Way

Kelvix was built on excellent customer service by identifying obstacles you may be struggling to solve. Our commitment to you is four-fold and fuels everything we do:

  • Actively cultivate outstanding partnerships
  • Provide world-class project management services
  • Unparalleled applications engineering technical solutions
  • Deliver with speed and accuracy
Colin Smith Texas Lighting Solutions

You were both extremely professional, kind, and easy to work with. I appreciate that more than you probably realize – it’s one of the main reasons I choose to sell Kelvix every single day. You made it so easy and enjoyable to accomplish what we wanted to do that they are already asking when they get to work with you again…All the guys at Bravas DFW were very impressed and thankful for your visit…And, probably most importantly, the builder was so impressed with you and your work that he will be looking for Kelvix on all his projects moving forward.

Amanda Bennet Ambia Lighting Design

There have been several moments in my career where I’ve paused and thought to myself “Wow, this company exceeds expectations and are doing a lot of things right – I hope our clients feel that way about us because that is what I want to be – a superior service oriented company”. I hope you Kelvix is successful and we will do our best to specify you often.

Marcelline LaCombe DotDash

My favorite part of working with Kelvix is their ability to come up with creative and quick solutions for very specific project needs.

Gerry Trolio Enterprise Lighting Sales

Because of the market we’re in, the patience level is nil. Kelvix [and the] team are quick and live up to what they say. They meet or exceed expectations.”
It’s always about availability and quality. For Kelvix, they are both.
From doing business with them, I can tell you that they give you a quick [turnaround], and quality, and they service the heck out of you. I’m trying to let the marketplace know about their way of doing business.

Kate Wimer Mercer Zimmerman

They have really exceptional service. If I’ve got an application question, for example, the output needed to wash down this [surface], they know, versus bs’ing their way through. That’s rare, unfortunately.

Jeff Warunek Performance Lighting Systems

Kelvix is my go-to company.

Kelvix has made it so easy to do business with my high-end lighting designers. In one case, a designer was in a real bind over programming for a job. [They] programmed it overnight and sent the file. The designer will never forget that!

Tap Into Our LED Lighting Applications Engineering Expertise

We can’t wait to help you with any and all of your lighting questions. Shoot us a message and a lighting expert will quickly respond.

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