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Behind every Kelvix project is an entire team of specification professionals. Our Applications Engineers, Product Engineers, and Project Managers are at your disposal before you even place a single order. We’re standing by to make your job easier through our innovative LED lighting services. Get in touch to experience The Kelvix Way.
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Project Management

Our project management professionals coordinate complex projects and ensure smooth execution from start to finish. We're adept at seamlessly navigating any order or design changes that may arise, guaranteeing concierge-level support at every step.

Whatever your needs, we'll manage timelines and budgets, offer expert insight, and handle order forensics (assessing product capabilities, rooting out discrepancies, etc.).

Start to finish concierge-level support

  • Managing project timelines
  • Managing budgets
  • Expert insight and support
  • Order forensics

Project Troubleshooting

Our team also provides project assistance, including on-site coordination for job installations and product and system troubleshooting.

Design & Specification Assistance

Our team of LED lighting experts can help bring your vision to life through concept development and design assistance, in a consultation. We'll provide concept and design advice, suggestions, and more, documenting our ideas through drawings and takeoffs before you order

We can create a paper trail of the following:

  • Wiring details
  • Detailed takeoffs
  • Install details and elevations
  • Product details and shop drawings
  • Power layout and mapping
  • Lighting calculations

Applications Engineering & Design Services

Our advanced 3D rendering capabilities can turn design concepts into vivid visual representations of our products in action. Our skilled engineers excel in controls and programming, handling complex projects from upscale homes to large entertainment venues. Our precise lighting calculations ensure accurate project outcomes, and with on-site commissioning, we stand by our commitment to deliver results that exceed client expectations.

Our team can assist with programming and commissioning, including:

  • DMX controls
  • On-site commissioning
  • Custom programming
  • System training
  • System troubleshooting
  • Programming samples
  • Video demos
  • Rendered demos
  • Color matching and/or verification
  • Factory pre-configuration

Samples, Mockups, & Demos

We offer numerous resources to help you gain confidence in your decision. It's one thing to look at calculations and designs on paper, but another to see it yourself in real-time.

Experience your LED lighting products firsthand through free quality samples* and physical mockups. Our team can arrange on-site or virtual demos to help you witness the quality of your LED lighting. Additionally, we have numerous product performance videos available and can conceptualize the details further via accurate 3D renders and lighting calculations.

*Applies only to samples with a total value of $300 or less.

Manufacturing & Shipping

The Kelvix Way is an end-to-end solution for your LED lighting needs. When your designs are finalized, we can assemble the products in-house if required. Letting our professionals take the reins gives you more precise and reliable products.

You can be confident that your shipment will arrive when you expect it. We take pride in our 99% on-time delivery rate with the industry's fastest shipping times.

Tap Into Our LED Lighting Services Expertise

When it comes to quality LED lighting services you can trust, look no further than Kelvix. Our team supports you at every stage, from initial design to final installation and beyond. Reach out today - our LED lighting manufacturers are excited to help you bring your bright ideas to life.

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