Project Management: Your Solution Providers

Our project management team partners with lighting professionals from inception to installation, tailoring the best solutions to each project ensuring a seamless experience. Our team cares about each project's objectives, ensuring accuracy and technical excellence through every step. We focus our attention on the minute details starting from the initial take-off of an RCP to final reviews of kelvin temperature as an order is approved for production. At Kelvix, we enjoy doing the hard work to ensure our customer's success.
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Managing Project Timelines

Kelvix successfully manages project timelines, from initial planning to final installation. We’ll adapt to your project's scope, complexity, and unique requirements.

We prioritize meeting project deadlines by actively monitoring progress and promptly addressing potential challenges. Our ability to handle projects of all sizes reflects our commitment to on-time delivery without compromising quality.

Providing Support for Competitive Budgeting

We understand how a project’s budget can make or break an opportunity. Working in tandem with our agent partners, we prioritize transparent and collaborative conversations around your project’s budgetary needs. With those needs in mind, we work to provide multiple options to fit within the project scope to help deliver a competitive edge.

Expert Insight & Support

Each project manager is empowered to go above and beyond by utilizing their product expertise and industry understanding to add comprehensive support to every interaction. All team members are cross-trained to see a project through from quotation to final shipment.

Order Forensics

Our project managers don't shy away from doing a deep dive into project details. Whether they're reviewing a 2000 page plan submittal, or referencing previous orders for the same project, they work to make sure we get it right the first time. This is achieved is by:

  • Assessing product capabilities: At this stage, we thoroughly evaluate the capabilities of the chosen lighting products by reviewing specifications, performance, and technical compatibility with the design to ensure they meet project objectives.

  • Rooting out discrepancies: We consider color temperatures, lengths, and lumens output per foot when rooting out discrepancies. The review ensures all components align, delivering the desired lighting effect within the specified environment.

  • Offering alternatives: If discrepancies or compatibility issues arise, our expertise will help you find alternative solutions by utilizing our industry network and in-house resources to meet your goals and budget.

  • Confirming order accuracy: Our team double-checks all order details, from product quantities to delivery dates. We work to ensure minimal to no disruptions to the project timeline or budget.

  • Coordinating with suppliers: We maintain close communication to ensure all ordered products arrive on time and meet quality standards.

  • Project troubleshooting: Our project managers effectively troubleshoot by listening closely to identify issues, verifying components, addressing concerns, and discussing problems in-depth. Our teams are readily available to ensure your lighting project stays on track.

Brighten the Future With Our Project Management

As a leading service company in the lighting industry, Kelvix’s proficiency and premium lighting solutions ensure flawless results and continued support after project completion. Let us lead the way, illuminating your vision to reality.

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