Diebold Nixdorf

Cleveland, OH
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REP Lighting and Controls, Inc.
Lighting Designer/Specifier Amanda Bennett, Ambia Lighting Design
Distributor Mars Electric
Photography David Panton, Kelvix

When Diebold Nixdorf (DN) wanted to create a transformative virtual experience for their banking and commerce customers, they turned to AMBIA Lighting Design founder, Amanda Bennett, to help design their customer experience center at their new international headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio. Amanda turned to Kelvix to create a linear LED lighting solution to help the DN sales teams demonstrate their data-connected software, security, and hardware solutions.

"When I was looking at LED lighting manufacturers, Kelvix really stood out because they were very collaborative, creative, and open to exploring various ways to implement our ideas," she said in a recent interview with the Kelvix team. "That kind of open, solution-oriented spirit was exactly what we needed to be able to work with the DN team, sell the idea to the owner, and ultimately get it installed in the way that we envisioned."

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