Pinnacle North Kellogg's Building

Roger, AR
Rep Malmstrom White Lighting
Photographer Drew Kimble, 12 Eighty-One Photography
About the Project For this project the original intent was for the whole outer edge of the rectangle to be RGBW Signwave 3 product with all of the fixtures changing colors simultaneously depending on building management's input. As we progressed through the project, we were able to break up the individual sections into smaller equal chunks that would allow for some more detailed control and it opened up some more possibilities in terms of DMX programming. We were able to add movement to the outer rectangle and we programmed some scenes where the light would start on one side of the rectangle and it would chase over to the other side to add some more dramatic flair. We worked with Malmstrom White Lighting Services and the end customer to come up with a list of different holidays that they would like to have lighting for and a list of any specific colors that they would like to quickly recall. All scenes were designed and programmed by our Applications Team and we provided detailed configuration drawings and layouts that made it much easier for the installing team to understand the system's structure and it paved a path for a seamless installation and configuration.
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