Barclays Center

Brooklyn, NY

Wavelength Lighting


Imagine this: The renowned Barclays Center, home to the dynamic Nets, faced an imminent lighting crisis as their previous setup faltered. With the clock ticking, a swift and effective solution was imperative before the upcoming season's tip-off.

Introducing our star player: 225 cutting-edge lighting units, featuring sleek 4" Round Pavex designs meticulously tailored with custom housing for flawless integration. Meanwhile, competitors were sidelined due to prolonged lead times and exorbitant costs, leaving them in the shadows.
However, we didn't just meet the challenge; we surpassed it. Through ingenious adjustments such as knockout additions, rubber grommets, and a streamlined 4" housing depth, our product not only met but exceeded all specifications. The outcome? A resounding triumph!

With time as crucial as a fourth-quarter shot clock, we rose to the occasion, delivering a game-changing solution in just six weeks. The Barclays Center now shines brighter than ever, poised to set the stage for an unforgettable season.

When it comes to illuminating the way, rest assured that you can rely on us to deliver brilliance, surmount the most formidable obstacles, and consistently achieve excellence. That's how we redefine illumination, one spotlight moment at a time!"

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